Bundy Run 2002

I arrived at Allan Powell Ford at 8am as the salesman were moving some cars out of the yard to make way for the Falcon GT’s.

I had a chat to a couple of other members while we were waiting for the rest. Pretty soon Chris turned up and started to arrange where we would park our cars. A steady stream of members and cars began to arrive.

I spent the next few hours catching up with a few people I haven’t seen for a while and meeting a few I hadn’t met before and looking at some nice cars..

These were XRGT (1), XTGT (1), XWGT (3), XYGT (5) PHASE 2 (1), PHASE 3 (1) XAGT (4), XBGT (5) EBGT (1), JOHN GOSS (1) XY FAIRMONT (1), XYGT REPLICA (1) XAGT REPLICA (1), 66 MUSTANG (1) XW UTE (1).

Lunch was a sausage sizzle put on by Allan Flor Ford and after this it was off to the RUM ISTILLERY for a tour, most of the locals chose to stay outside and watch the cars, as the tour was limited to 25 people. From all reports the tour was very enjoyable as was the rum sampling afterwards. The drivers were doing the responsible thing and finding designated drinkers to down the second free Rum sample.

Next was a cruise down along the beachfront detouring via “THE HUMMOCK” (Bundy’s only hill) where it was extremely windy and very cool as well. The stop at the beach was short lived due to the declining weather. That night it was off to the BROTHERS SPORTS CLUB for a nice meal, a chat with members and a few cold beers. Chris noted that the council had the courtesy of putting traffic lights in a few days before the weekend. Obviously to help the GT club members get safely to the other side of the road where the hotel was. Thanks to Allan Powell Ford and Chris T who organized the day and all the members who showed up for making it an enjoyable day. Thanks also to the Tropical Gardens Motor Inn for the fine accommodation. (and for arranging for the strippers on Friday night – Kevin.H)

David M. Gladstone



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