Ford Falcon XY GT

The new XY GT rolled off the line in late 1970, and was followed in 1971 with the all-time classic GT HO Phase III. With between 350 and 380bhp (270 – 280 kW) and 380 ft/lbs (513Nm) of torque, it was reputed then to be the world’s fastest 4-door production car. Looking suitably aggressive8 with […]

Ford Falcon XW GT

  In May 1969 the first of the XW GT’s rolled off the Broadmeadows assembly line. Ford had upped the ante with the XW by fitting the 351 cubic inch (5.8 litre) Windsor V8 with an output of 290 BHP (217KW) and 385 ft/lbs. of torque.   With bigger brakes, a final drive ratio of […]

Ford Falcon XT GT

With the XT Falcon in 1968 came a new engine, the 302 cubic inch (4.9 litre) Windsor motor. It boasted an extra five horsepower over the XR GT’s 289 cubic inch version and an increase in torque from 305 to 310 ft/lbs developed 600 rpm higher at 3800 rpm. Wheel rims were widened to 6″, […]

Ford Falcon XR GT

In 1968 the XR model began the legend that was to be the GT. This family car muscled out 225HP thanks to the 289 Windsor V8. The start of the Falcon GT’s was only sold in one colour – Gold. 596 of these made it into production. The GT versions of the Falcon are probably […]

Ford Falcon XB GT

  Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe   The XB was the end of the line for the Ford Falcon GT as Ford announced in January 1974 that it was withdrawing from motor sport in Australia. The GT was no longer.   The car sold well. It had and still has an aggressive styling and slick […]

Ford Falcon XA GT

Ford Falcon XA GT The Ford Falcon XA GT was the first true all Australian designed and built GT. It was far superior than it’s predecessors with more emphasis on ergonomics, aerodynamics, body style and comfort.  Better designed gear shift, adapted to the box rather than the floor, ventilated disc brakes. An all round winner. XA GT / GTHO […]