Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III | Top 20 Australian Car

The FORD FALCON GTHO PHASE III was ranked 8th in the Sunday Herald Sun’s list of the Top 20 Cars from Down Under, compiled by motoring expert Paul Gover. Paul Gover concludes his three-part series looking at the best and worst cars ever on the roads. Today, he gives us his list of Australia’s 20 […]

Ford Reportedly Working on Falcon GT 351 Limited Edition

With Ford Australia set to close its doors in 2016, the beloved Falcon sedan is about two years away from getting the axe. Killing the Falcon will also put an end to a very important era in Ford’s history, which means that the company is likely to end production with a limited edition model. A […]

McLeod Ford Falcon XA GT 351

Goss debuted at the Bathurst 500 in 1969 driving a McLeod Ford (with its distinctive yellow/black chequer windscreen strip) sponsored Ford Falcon GTHO, but Goss’s co-driver Dennis Cribbin crashed the Falcon at Forrest Elbow. In 1970 John Goss posted the fastest lap during the Bathurst 500 in his XW Falcon GTHO Phase II. The following […]