Falcon GT Marketing Info

Ford Falcon XR GT 1967 – 1968 Engine:   Windsor V8 Capacity:   4.7litre V8 Transmission:   4 spd. man Number Built:   697                           In 1967 the XR model began the legend that was to be the GT. This family car muscled […]

Mad Max | 1973 XB Ford Falcon GT

The original Mad Max movie starred Mel Gibson with a jet black 1973 XB Ford Falcon GT coupe-based Interceptor. Max’s yellow Interceptor was a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan with a 351 CID Cleveland V8 engine. The Big Bopper was also a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan with a 302 CID. The March Hare was […]

Love The Beast – Ford XB Falcon Coupe

Eric Bana’s directorial debut ˜Love The Beast™ is a 1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe. Bana’s lesser known passion is racing. Beginning in his family garage in Melbourne, the story unfolds all the necessary components of a good love story: friendship, adversity and self-discovery. Get a taste of the film in the trailer below. Eric Bana […]

XW GTHO Falcon 1970

GT351.COM.AU was sent the message below, unsigned most likely in response to this post in our blog – Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 2 Auction.  We also found a couple of auctions that all look like they are auctioning the same vehicle, which we have placed at the bottom of this page.   Dear Rob   I […]

Ford Falcon GT351 Models

Ford Falcon GT351 Models We are still working on some of these Ford Falcon GT351 Model pages, but one day we will get there.. XA – Ford Falcon GT351 XB – Ford Falcon GT351 XR – Ford Falcon GT351 XT – Ford Falcon GT351 XW – Ford Falcon GT351 XY – Ford Falcon GT351  

True Story: GTHO Phase Three

This is a true story… I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine… heheh.. VERY WORTH THE READ   Mel Nichols looks back, in pleasure, on a lost weekend in a Phase Three HO. Painfully, heartbreakingly, as ideals give way to reality, young journalists learn that certain stories are too hot for publication. […]

Falcon GT Concept Car

Falcon-GT-Concept-Supercharged-Boss-V08 FPV Unveils Falcon GT Concept With Supercharged Boss V08. The first-ever ‘concept car’ from Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) was unveiled at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne . Specifically, the car in question is an all-black GT-based FPV concept, which sports a number of special bespoke features and design treatments.   This […]