GT351 History Documentary

The history of the Ford Falcon GT is a 6 part 1998 video documentary on the Australian Ford Falcon GT & GTHO (phases 1-4), its success on the showroom and at Mount Panorama. Includes interviews with Ford personnel, racing celebrities, and rare archive footage. History of the Ford Falcon GT – Part 1 History of […]

Falcon GT Marketing Info

Between 1967 and 1979, Ford Australia release and marketed the following models: Ford Falcon XR GT 1967 – 1968 Ford Falcon XT GT 1968 – 1969 Ford Falcon XW GT & GTHO 1969 – 1970 Ford Falcon XY GT & GTHO 1970 – 1972 Ford Falcon XA “Superbird” 1972 – 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT […]

Mad Max | 1973 XB Ford Falcon GT

The original Mad Max movie starred Mel Gibson with a jet black 1973 XB Ford Falcon GT coupe-based Interceptor. Max’s yellow Interceptor was a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan with a 351 CID Cleveland V8 engine. The Big Bopper was also a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan with a 302 CID. The March Hare was […]

Love The Beast – Ford XB Falcon Coupe

Eric Bana’s directorial debut ˜Love The Beast™ is a 1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe. Bana’s lesser known passion is racing. Beginning in his family garage in Melbourne, the story unfolds all the necessary components of a good love story: friendship, adversity and self-discovery. Get a taste of the film in the trailer below. Eric Bana […]

History of the Ford Falcon GT

In 1968 the XR Falcon model began the legend that was to be the GT. This family car muscled out 225HP thanks to the 289 Windsor V8. The start of the Falcon GT’s was only sold in one colour – Gold. 596 of these made it into production. The GT versions of the Falcon are […]

XW GTHO Falcon 1970

GT351.COM.AU was sent the message below, unsigned most likely in response to this post in our blog – Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 2 Auction. We also found a couple ofauctions that all look like they are auctioning the same vehicle,which we have placed at the bottom of this page. Dear Rob I am concerned […]

Ford Falcon GT351 Models

Ford Falcon GT351 Models Models we are still working on…  XA – Ford Falcon GT351 XB – Ford Falcon GT351 XR – Ford Falcon GT351 XT – Ford Falcon GT351 XW – Ford Falcon GT351 XY – Ford Falcon GT351

True Story: GTHO Phase Three

This is a true story… I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine… heheh.. REALLY WORTH THE READ Mel Nichols looks back, in pleasure, on a lost weekend in a Phase Three HO. Painfully, heartbreakingly, as ideals give way to reality, young journalists learn that certain stories are too hot for publication. Some can […]

Falcon GT Concept Car

Falcon-GT-Concept-Supercharged-Boss-V08 FPV Unveils Falcon GT Concept With Supercharged Boss V08. The first-ever ‘concept car’ from Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) was unveiled at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne . Specifically, the car in question is an all-black GT-based FPV concept, which sports a number of special bespoke features and design treatments.   This […]