McLeod Ford Falcon XA GT 351

Goss debuted at the Bathurst 500 in 1969 driving a McLeod Ford (with its distinctive yellow/black chequer windscreen strip) sponsored Ford Falcon GTHO, but Goss’s co-driver Dennis Cribbin crashed the Falcon at Forrest Elbow. In 1970 John Goss posted the fastest lap during the Bathurst 500 in his XW Falcon GTHO Phase II. The following […]

GT 351 Stickers | XB Falcon

Can you please tell me what the measurements are for the GT 351 stickers placement a XB Falcon for both front guards and boot please. Also can you give me the width of the black line on the bonnet ( black then thin colour then black line) I hope you can help me please I’m […]

For Sale | 1967 GT 351

I have a 1967 GT 351 motor 289 4v .and are looking to sell it. Where is the best place to sell it? Rohan