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The 2014 Ford Falcon FPV GT F 351: Was It Worth It?

It was around this time last year that Ford made the announcement that left us all weak at the knees - they were going to be producing one final edition of our beloved Ford Falcon GT 351. The official title was to be the Ford Falcon FPV GT F 351 ("F" for final - sad face), and the mixed reaction of … [Read More...]

Ford Reportedly Working on Falcon GT 351 Limited Edition

With Ford Australia set to close its doors in 2016, the beloved Falcon sedan is about two years away from getting the axe. Killing the Falcon will also put an end to a very important era in Ford's history, which means that the company is likely to end production with a limited edition model. A new … [Read More...]

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Ford Falcon XT GT

With the XT Falcon in 1968 came a new engine, the 302 cubic inch (4.9 litre) Windsor motor. It boasted an extra five horsepower over the XR GT's 289 cubic inch version and an increase in torque from … [Read More...]


Falcon GT Marketing Info

Ford Falcon XR GT 1967 - 1968 Engine:   Windsor V8 Capacity:   4.7litre V8 Transmission:   4 spd. man Number … [Read More...]