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I purchased an XB GT351 Sedan from Jackson Motor Works in Launceston brand new for $6,100.00 in 1974. It was Burnt Orange with a Beige interior.  I think that was called Chamois.

What I am attempting to locate is information and references about the accent color.  It was a dark Marone sort of colour that seemed to have a metalic fleck about it, but not the black that everyone currently seems to favour.

I am not able to find any images on the web that I can definitely say is the colour.  Nor does there seem to be any reference to it in the color codes.

The vehicle was badly damaged in Orange NSW about six months later in 1975, when it was T Boned by a Mazda Rotary.

It should have been written off, but the Insurance Company elected to have it repaired with a new shell.  Unfortuantely it was not a genuine XB GT Body Shell.  It was just a Sedan Shell and the repair was not done well, so in my opinion no longer genuine even though the compliance plates etc were all put across onto it.

I sold the vehicle at some time later, I believe it was in 1977.

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I’ve just purchased a XB Fairmont heavily optioned vehicle but what my inquiry is about is the vehicle is 4door sedan with factory indigo blue paint matching number car.  To my knowledge I havn’t seen or heard about this colour being on sedan only on the XA GT RPO 083.  Would very like some info on this vehicle as could be rare?


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I’m trying to find the paint code for the XW 12 slot wheels (argent silver ?) any help would be great, cheers Bob

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I want to know if you can help me I am trying to find out what block a 1972 K code XY come out with a D block or a square block.
Thanks Rod


Hi Rod.. all D blocks were American blocks. They were fitted all 351 Clevelands they were put in Falcons, Fairmonts, Fairlanes, GTS, anything with a 351 till our Aussie versions were fitted sometime in 1972. Hope this helps. Engine GL####c is manual or GT or HO. Got 2 XWGT myself looking for engine number GL2747c and GL2808c
What do you have?
Kind regards Mike.


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I have just purchased a XB GS coupe in Tango and was wondering how many were made? Its a 1976 .

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My dad owns a kickass genuine GT converted into a replica GT-HO FORD XY FALCON V8 Phase Three, Vermillion fire.
He’s fallen seriously ill and we need money for his treatment. I was wondering how much you think he could get for it? It’s roadworthy and registered for a year. It’s currently on the JBC cars website for $80 000. We’re thinking of adding it to eBay and carsales and unique cars for $60 000ish? Got any advice for me on best way to get maximum exposure so we can sell it ASAP?
Thanks Emma


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Hi there, I was wondering if you know how to find out if the 1970 March build XW GT would have had a Windsor or Cleveland?
Is there any way to find out if the original motor still exists?


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How can you identify an XW GT Phaze 2?
Were they gtho ph 2 only or did the ph 2 exist as a gt not ho as well.
I know of a vehicle 2nd owner has owned since 1972 he thinks it may be a ph 2 but im not so sure, it is a april 1970 build with a clevo all matching numbers but it appears to be ph 2 specs and was like this when he bought it.all the info i can find states that ph 2 commenced production in august 1970 and they were gtho`s.
Thanks for any input.


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Had an offer 29 odd years ago, to purchase an XAGT sedan, Original owner, Fully optioned, 4V 351, 4sp,air, pwr steer, elec windows, factory sunroof, detroit locker 9″, 4wdisc brake, metalic silver, white interior and black inserts. Never seen photo of one since?

I was wondering if that car was an RP0 model or a phase 4? It had the bonnet blackout and wing on the boot. but like I said, saw, red, yellow, green etc, but never metalic silver? hope for more information. Thanks Glen


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Does anyone know how many XT GT were made in both Polar White and Candy Apple Red with factory Auto’s or where I may find such info?  Also, is there any specific numbers on the car to identify an original XB GS or is it just on the papers of authenticity.




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Does anyone know the ‘real’ colour name of Eric Bana’s Falcon Coupe?  Some mags say it is ‘Bana Red’ but I would have thought it was an off the shelf colour.


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I have an XW GT 2 / 1970.  The JG33 VIN matches the VIN plate, but it has two engine numbers stamped on the spring tower.  One matches the VIN plate but has been stamped over with XXXXX’s, the other number matches the engine.  Both numbers are GL numbers. I was told by the original owner this was because the engine was replaced by Ford in the factory.

Has anyone seen this before?  Can you give me any contact details for Ford to find out more?  I would like to get any form of documentation for Ford!


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What would be the genuine coloured stripes down the side of car GTHO wild violet, paint code Z,and where would I purchase them from, thanks.


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I’m rebuilding a GT Falcon HO Replica, but run into a small problem, i purchased the sticker kit for the engine bay, and I dont know where they all go. I have the kit but it don’t come with instructions as to where exactly they get positioned in bay. I know its a silly question, but as a Ford enthusiast I didnt know where else to try.  Can anyone point me in right direction?


According to Neil, Sticker Position booklets are available from GT Ford Performance.


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I have a 1969 351 Windsor, and it has 69 stamped on the heads, JG3356C on the block, and it has a 650 CFM (metal). Can you shed any light on this engine?


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I’m building a XBGT in sandstone beige and was wondering what colour interior was original?  I now have 2 shades dark brown and cream.


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What would have been the most likely build date of a cleveland D Block fitted in a 3/70 XWGT?  I know it’s being a bit anal but I would like to fit as close as I can to the original block.
Cheers, Andrew


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I have a 1970 XY FAIRMONT, with a unusal engine number HR101… The vehicle was purchased new by my father in 1970 as he was unable to locate a GTHO PHASE 3 NEW due to limited numbers built. When purchasing the vehicle from the dealer the only vehicle available was this one, a bronze wine 351 clevo, Top loader 9 inch Bathurst tank gt interior etc etc etc. 


The vehicle came standard 5 slots Shaker stripes etc. Have u ever heard of this and if so who can i speak to to verify what this vehicle is? I have all documents and cerficate from ford but I’d like to find out about this engine number what does this mean GT OR NOT?????


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I am looking at purchasing a XW GT.  The main tag on the firewall seems to be correct with the car as does the numbers on the shock towers and radiator surround. Are there any other things I should be looking for to determine the cars authenticity, for example the differences between a standard Falcon and GT body?
Many thanks in advance for any help.


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I am hoping to find out build Numbers for XC Fairmont GXL’s in particular 351’s. I have a factory 351 GXL in Sno white (9) and have always wondered how many were made?
Thanks, John


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I have been on the hunt for a long time to try and find out if the cold air intake system on Eric Bana’s XB was made or can it be purchased??? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Pat replies… The air box appears to be a RAM air unit made in the US.
This is the website for that item
Regards Pat


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Does anyone know what happened to the 1970 winning XWGTHO from Bathurst?


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I am currently restoring an XY Falcon and want it painted in Ultra White.  The panel beater which is painting the vehicle is using ‘Debeer’ paint.  I want to confirm that this will be the same Ultra White as the XY GT’s were released in. 


I have the formula Quality : De Beer – BeroCryl 400 Brand : FAUS FORD AUSTRALIA Region : NEW ZEALAND Colour code : EA Variant :
Colour name : ULTRA WHITE
Mutation date : 04-09-2000
Quantity : 0.10 Litre
Cumulative : Yes
Colour Weight
400 119.4 – White
412 120.4 – Black
402 121.0 – Yellow
421 121.1 – Red
VOC [gr/l] : 470
Pb : 0.00
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I have a 1969 Windsor XW 4 speed GT Falcon.
Q1: Does my car have 4V heads and if so How would I identify them – I know the Clevelands have 4 stamped on the heads.

Q2: My car has an unusual code stamping configuration also.

The engine number is stamped GL
( Manual )and the shock tower is stamped GJ ( Automatic )

The following number sequences are identical for both the shock tower and the engine block.

The JG33 identification tag identifies the car as being manual as it is.
I have spoken with the original owner of the car and he said that he ordered the car as a manual and that is how it was delivered. It had the GJ number on the shock tower from the factory. He spoke with Ford at the time and was told that all the stamping was done manualy in the factory and these types of mistakes happened more then people realised.

Does this anomoly make my car any less valuable?

Have you heard of similar issues with GT Falcons of this vintage?

Any feed back would be much appreciated.
Can you answer Gary’s question?

Can anyone tell me the correct paint colours of the XW GT 12 slot rims and the HO Phase 2 5 slot rims.  The name of the colour and the code would be much appreciated.

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Apparently… the 1970 XW GTHO Falcon (seen on our home page) is not what its cracked up to be.. Read Story Ford XW GTHO Falcon History


Am in possession of an engine that if memory serves correctly, came out of a 1975 XB GT.  How do I find out if this is correct? The engine number is JG33RP64534K. Thanks for your help . Cheers


I own a 12 month 75 XBGT sedan. Its eng no is JG33RP…. So your engine is out of a 12/75 XBGT sedan also.


I’m after info on an RPO GT pls. How can I distinguish the genuine and how can place a value on it .. ?


Brian tells us.. All RPO83’s are stamped on compliance plate RPO83. If it does not have that then it it just a XA GT but still worth holding on to.


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My father is the proud owner of a XW GT, it was oringinally Starlight Blue, but was changed about ten years ago to a Gold.  Its the usual deal, the I.D tag went missing, but.. the engine number and shocky tower match up GL*****C and there is a JG33 stamped on the front radiator support panel, and everything else is GT.


For my dads own peace of mind we are in the process of trying to get the car verified by Ford.  Any hints or help would be great.  We are wondering is it possible to verifify with just the VIN on the enngine/shocky?


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I am trying to chase up a genuine block for my XA GT September 1973?  What should I be looking for, what codes on the block as it is a late XA and a lot of the parts were known to be XB GT such as air cleaner dash etc.


Can you answer George’s question?


I have just bought a engine and was told it was out of a GT, the engine number is JG41UT 22279K and help would be much appreciated?


Stuart replies.. JG41 suggests its not a GT engine.  GT eninges were either a JG33 for sedans and JG66 for coupes.


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I am restoring a 73 XB GT coupe in the US, and need the paint code for Mulberry Metallic, I need to get it matched here in the US, I know the factory code is 6, what code do I need to take to the paint store to get it matched?


Can you answer Tod’s question?


The colour code Z192 for the XB GT sedan the colour “CUB” was brown of Carlton United Breweries Brown.  Were there two made because the first was stolen?


Muz says… According to Australian Muscle Car magazine (issue 26) there were only two XB GT sedans with paint code Z192 (colour NOT KNOWN) and only one XB GT hardtop with paint code Y229 (colour CUB brown).


What was the total number of 351ci-4V Cleveland engines imported into Australia?


Can you answer Des’s question?


I am trying to find out how many XA GT Coupes were produced with the following options? red pepper / white interior, factory sun roof, a/c, p/s, auto option 52 wheels, 8 track stereo and protection group pack.

A long list I know any help gratefully recieved.


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I am restoring my XB coupe and want to know the exact placement of the GT351 decals on fenders and middle of rear panel?
Thanks Dean


Can you answer Dean’s question?


I have a D block JG34LL, I just want to know what car it comes from? 


I know 34 is Fairmont, and I know LL is May 1971, the 34 on a D block has got me stumped as I thought the D block was for GTS only.  I also have a GT engine D block GL****C, I am trying to find out what it is out of as I am building a replica and want to build to the same specs. ie colour, trim and so on. 
Thanks Matt


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