Rosevale GT Run 2003

The skies were overcast when the white ZC of John P pulled into the driveway.


With clouds on the horizon and racing on at QLD raceway,we wondered how good the run would be? ut of character,we turned up on time at gailes in my new 351XYGS to see some old faces and new.

Bob T was introducing himself to new members, while Dave and Mark looked over John C’s super original south african XYGT.



The word was out that traffic was nasty heading to QLD raceway, so we went a new route via Walloon and rosewood.  Most people i talked to thought this was a nice change after 20 years of the same way.


The toowoomba cars were already there upon our arrival (thanks to John B’s leadership)
and included the 2 cars above. Nice 72 XAGT in red pepper,and clean Yellow ochre XYGT.  Errol and Karen were seen checking out the hay bales after they parked their Yellow blaze XBGT coupe



Eddy and Sandra arrived in the track red XYGT and reminded us that the All Ford Day is fast approaching again “14th sept” Here’s a very rare XTGT which many people haven’t seen ,or not or a long time. Paint code X..mmmm


Stratosphere grey. Good food was available,as well as the usual drinks and bonnet popping went on. Lots of people showed that GT’s are still an aussie muscle car, while others choose to just cruise.



Kens Apollo Blue XBGT

Mark VDT was rumbling around,while a super cool trike pulled wheelies here and there.
The annual walk to the cemetery found no new occupants.
Seemed to be plenty of yellow xb coupes this time…but no XRGT’s?

Rodger dodger and Donna and lovely Louise were sooo rich ,
they bought their new “acid rush” BAGT and GT gold XTGT.



All in all another great Rosevale…lots of fun people,new cars to look at,beautiful QLD winter sun, and lazy setting for relaxing or cleaning the cobwebs 🙂



Murreys Lime Glaze XAGT



Super rare Snow white (late xb-xc color) XBGT owned by Henry



Even a Windsor HO was there..Driven by Colin B

keep cruisin and fly the ford flag high!!
see you at Bribie – Bernie

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